Krista NYC

Both online through Facebook and from Andrea’s local new mom support group I was able to make so many new friends to turn to when i need help. Andreas group meetings introduced me to so many new moms who were going through and feeling all the same feelings i was. I felt so much more confident in my parents and much less isolated since Andreas group gave me the strong sense of community I had been searching for. I constantly see familiar faces around my neighborhood and know about so many activities, classes and family friendly stuff in the hood. Bottles of pedialyte (and wine) were left on my doorstep when my baby caught a stomach flu and whenever I have a question or a late-night mama freak out, there is always someone to calm me down and point me in the right direction. Andrea has such a calming presence and knows how to guide and advise in such a gentle but educated way, while also making you feel strong enough to conquer anything. She has created such a strong and loving community through momally and working with Andrea will be one of the best parenting decisions you can make.

Samantha LaBarbara