+ What is MOMally?

MOMally offers a supportive community for moms, combined with professional services to make motherhood easier, such as postpartum support groups, sleep training, and early parenting support.

+ How do you say it?

Correct Pronunciation: MOM - uh - lee

+ The thought behind it

I created MOMally to give new mothers what I felt could completely change their experience of motherhood, from one of survival to one of joy. I wanted to give them a community where we support each other wholeheartedly and encourage each other emphatically. We don’t have to agree on breast versus bottle or cry-it-out versus cosleeping. We are all bound by one common thread: we are mothers. We are all figuring it out as we go along, just doing our best every day. We don’t need much more in common than that. I also wanted to provide new moms (dads too!) with a source of knowledge and reassurance to help them feel confident and capable. I was inspired by my own mother, my greatest source of encouragement: the antidote to that nagging voice I had—that all mothers have—that I didn’t know what I was doing, and that I wasn’t cut out to be a mother. I wanted to be that person for someone else and pass on that gift.

+ MOMally is born

I thought about how the experience of motherhood would have been totally different for me if I had had a support system. As a new mom, I felt isolated and lonely. I went to a meetup where nobody talked to me beyond saying hello. Their kids were older, they all knew each other, and there was no moderator to interject with a simple, “you look like you’re in that haven’t-showered-in-4-days, leaky boob phase, and I just want you to know, we’ve all gone through this, and it gets better.” It wasn’t until my daughter went to school that I was able to make friends with other moms and realize I wasn’t alone in this experience. So, I formed an online community and began hosting support groups for new moms, and MOMally was born.

+ Facing motherhood as a community

Then, I thought about the challenges I faced with a baby who thought sleep was for the weak. I thought about how breastfeeding was so much more difficult than I ever expected. I thought about how I went into toddlerhood thinking parenting would come naturally to me, but when it hit, I was completely blindsided by the tantrums. All of these issues were solvable, but I just lived with them. I didn’t realize there was help, but if I had, I might have enjoyed those years so much more. So, I decided to become a sleep consultant, lactation counselor, and early parenting coach to help all the moms who came after me. We are not meant to go through motherhood alone—sleepless, lonely, and with questionable hygiene. We’re meant to get help, give help, and pass it along. That’s what MOMally is all about.


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