I was beyond lucky to find Andrea and to work with her on sleep training my 15.5 month-old son.  I was filled with such mixed emotions, which she helped normalize.  She reassured me that my son would be able to learn to fall asleep and how beneficial it would be for us both. She coached me on the fundamental things I needed to do and provided me with a detailed individualized sleep plan.

By the third night my son was going down in his crib happily with no problems.  He has learned to go back to sleep on his own and sleeps 10-12 hours a night.  He looks forward to going into his crib now.

Sleep training my son changed my life and his! I have gotten my nights back to recharge and take care of myself and my son is getting the essential rest he needs to grow. He gained confidence in himself.

Andrea is truly a Sleep Fairy! She gave me so much support, which I desperately needed as a single parent.  I didn’t feel like I was doing this alone even though I physically was the only one doing it.  The best gift I’ve given my son this far is the gift of sleep, something Andrea kept reminding me of.

Samantha LaBarbara