The Right Answer

In the age of instant access to worlds of information it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the conflicting advice and overabundance of opinions.  Every mom I know has taken a trip or two (or many) down the rabbit hole of the internet in search of the right answer. We search for the best products, the best pediatricians and the best preschools.  We hunt for answers to our questions about illnesses, tantrums, bullying, and endless other issues our children face.

The truth of the matter is that there is NO answer.  There is NO right way to do it.  Nobody has cornered the market on parenting or baby advice.  There have been opinions (and judgements) about how to best parent since the beginning of time.  It is human nature to think that there is a right or wrong.  There is not.

Have compassion for yourself first.  Breathe.  Trust your instincts.  They are there.  Seek advice from people, websites, books, blogs and other sources you trust and get support! Call a parent coach~ MOMally, for example! Take it all in, then consider what you know and then make YOUR OWN choices.  YOU are the expert on your own child.  Nobody knows them like you do.  Educate yourself and then act with confidence!!!

parentingSamantha LaBarbara